The morning was bright and sunny with a definite cold bite in the air.

Arriving at Damelin, Robbie Geugis was already there, with Gerhardus Keuler and John Lee arriving shortly afterwards.

A very short briefing as to the route and off we set onto the N2, M5 and over Koeberg Junction and onto the N1. Taking the service road of the N1 past Century City and turning onto the N7.

All the way until the turnoff to Melkbosstrand and then down to the R27, turning right towards Langebaan. The road was reasonably quiet due to the early start and the cold winter air.

I was able to keep up a steady pace on the road, with the few vehicles on the road giving way to the four motorcycles coming up behind them. All four of us graciously waved our thanks for the vehicles moving onto the shoulder of the road to allow us to pass safely.

Arriving at the turnoff to Langebaan we turned left and headed towards the coast. Just after the sports club we turned right to cut out the ride all the way into Langebaan before turning right and ride through the stop signs and speed bumps.

One more left turn and one stop sign intersection and it was onto Club Mykonos, through security round the traffic circle and just before exiting the circle we turned left onto the pathway leading to Dockside Restaurant and up onto the raised section outside the conference centre.

Yvonne, Mark, Val, her daughter Robin and her son, Sirbastion were already seated at the restaurant.

Yvonne having left her camera in the car, so she was unable to photograph our arrival at the restaurant, but boy did she get busy with her camera while we were sitting at the outside tables in the warming sun.
Having consumed our delicious breakfast, we settled our bill and went our separate ways to our respective home to watch the Moto GP.

A very poor turnout of members due to the fact that quite a few members were in Namibia attending the rally in Luderitz. Other members did not realize that there was a ride on the first Sunday of the Month. Apart from the fact that my cell number is in the magazine. There is always a ride on the first and third Sundays of the month. Even if the designated club captain is not able to lead the ride there is always someone to lead the ride.

The only time there is no ride on the third Sunday of the month, is the weekend of the Buffalo Rally, and the first Sunday of the month, is the weekend of the Springbok Rally

There were 8 members and 2 visitors. 4 Bikes and 2 cars.
BMW 2. Harley Davidson 1. Honda 1.

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