Waking up on Sunday morning, one knew that we were in Cape Town as the “good old “Cape Doctor was blowing up a gale, not that a bit of wind would put our dedicated members off from riding on a scheduled Nomad`s ride.

Arriving at Damelin, there was Bill and Barbara and Glen eagerly waiting to ride. Slowly more members arrived bringing along a couple of visitors.

The minutes ticked by and at 08h00, I called the riders closer and gave the usual pre-ride briefing, helmets and gloves were put on and the group set off for Grabouw.

The route comprised of turning onto the N2 from Damelin College and proceeding slowly past the Athlone power station for the back markers to catch up who had got caught at the traffic lights on Liesbeek Parkway under the N2. This is a regular occurrence, maybe I should try talking to the traffic signals section to adjust the system to keep it green for Liesbeek Parkway a little longer.

Approaching the M7 Jakes Gerwel Drive [old Vanguard Drive] I was able to increase our speed to 120 km as the group was now together. The group stayed together until we arrived in Somerset West and at the first traffic light, Victoria Street, the back markers in the group again got caught at the red traffic light. Riding slowly along the N2 through Somerset West and being caught at the next couple of red traffic lights, the back markers were able to catch up to the group.

Once we were past the last set of traffic lights at Gordons Bay Road it was into Sir Lowry`s Pass and single file to negotiate the pass and battle against the wind. Up and over and past the lookout point and down the other side of the pass.

Approaching the section of the road where the two lanes become one, there was a small white car that pulled onto the shoulder of the roadway and looking at the driver it turned out to be the Meiring`s with their two granddaughters. Mike hooted as we went past and I waved my grateful thanks.

Turning left towards Grabouw, I stopped on the side of the roadway to check if all the riders were still together. Mandy got off the bike and informed me that everybody was still in the group. Off we set again through Grabouw and turning left Into Worcester Road, where there was no street name plate, but then I recognized the street from last year when we first visited the country club.

Continuing along Worcester Road for about a kilometre we turned right, crossing the railway line and turning immediately left, we continued through the orchards, over a very bumpy road and a short gravel section we arrived at the country club. Pressing the intercom, announcing our arrival the sliding gate opened and we entered the parking area.

Upon entering the restaurant, we could help ourselves to coffee and tea. Ten minutes later we were able to pick up our plates and have the hot buffet served to us. Breakfast comprised of scrambled eggs, two big rashers of bacon, fried mushrooms and onions, fried tomatoes, farm bread with grated cheese and jam. I did not see anybody go back for seconds, as that amount of food certainly filled me up.

Soon it was time for some members to leave as they were intending to return via Theewaterskloof dam and Franschhoek. Other members sat around a lot longer just relaxing, chatting and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. Another hour and then everybody left to return to their respective homes.

In total there were 17 bikes, 2 cars, 22 members and 7 visitors. A well supported ride despite the windy conditions. Thank you to all who attended.

The next club ride is Sunday 19th November 2017, going to Franschhoek Station pub and grill.

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