This morning the skies cleared and upon arrival at Damelin there was already a large group of members and their guests/ visitors.

08h30 ticked by and I gave the route briefing and as there was no rush to depart as the restaurant was opening at 10h00 for the riders. They normally only open at 11h00 in the Winter season. I phoned the Social Secretary as she was going by car direct to the restaurant to give her the number of people who would be having breakfast.

Having allocated tail end Charlie and his two assistants we set off on the ride. Turning left out of Damelin we proceeded left onto the N2, left again onto the M3, past U.C.T., along Union Avenue, Paradise Road, Edinburgh Drive up Wynberg Hill and onto the Simon van der Stel Freeway, or as it is more commonly known as the blue route. The ride proceeded to the end of the M3 and turned right onto Steenberg Road and then we turned left onto Ou Kaapse Weg, over the top and all the way down through Sun Valley and across Kommetjie Road to proceed up black hill and down to the Main Road, Glencairn. Turning right into the Main Road, through Glencairn, past Dido Valley and just before entering Simonstown, the ride turned right into Red Hill. Red hill is one of those passes that requires everybody`s 100% concentration, whether you are riding your motorcycle alone or you have a passenger with you, riding as a single bike or riding in a group. At the top/lookout point I pulled the ride off the road, so that everybody could have a chance to catch up. No need to worry about that as everybody was right behind the whole ride, including our three-tail end Charlie`s.

We stayed at the top of red hill for about 15- 20 minutes, killing time as we were still early for the restaurant. Once everyone was ready we set off again. Over the true top of red hill and down past the informal settlement, turning right at Perdekloof and proceeding onto Scarborough, Misty Cliffs, past the turn off to Soetwater, up Kommetjie pass and down into Kommetjie and turning left to park at the side of the Fishermans Restaurant. Sue Hair and her extended family were waiting for our arrival. Our arrival time at the restaurant was 09h55 and the staff were ready and waiting to serve the hungry motorcyclists.

The service was quick and efficient and the food was delicious and tasty. Once the empty stomachs were satisfied and the bill had been paid everybody went their separate ways via different routes to their respective homes.

There were 34 people, 21 members and 13 visitors. There were 2 cars, 1 tow truck called the Beast and 18 bikes.

BMW 7. Harley Davidson 2. Honda 5. Kawasaki 1. KTM 1. Suzuki 2.

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