Economy Ride

2010 Nomads Economy Run Dunn’s Castle, Piketberg – By Jean Potgieter

After a really early start Saturday morning Krog and I were ready to take on Damelin and the citizens of the Cape Town biking community eagerly awaiting the start of the Nomads 2010 economy run.

At Damelin it was the usual organised chaos – checking fuel levels, handing out instructions, answering last minute questions, getting marshalls off to their respective stations and much more. Eventually it was time for the first competitor to take to the route – and he was not ready. Could you believe it. While Peter tried to get his numberplate sorted, John left in his usual hurry self with Peter having to play catch-up – which he did well – considering the time they made on the road. Let me also tell you – these two had a secondary goal in mind – to get to the venue in time to watch MotoGP qualifying, and they made it.

The route took the riders through Somerset West, around the coast road past Rooi Els, Betty’s Bay and Kleinmond, after which they joined the N2 and took the road up to Villiersdorp for the first petrol stop. Refreshments were served at the garage stop as Villiersdorp is a beautiful but very quiet little “dorp” during public holidays. No offence, just a fact.

After the pitstop the riders took on the beautiful back roads up to Worcester and then made their way to Tulbagh (where some had to detour due to Shark rally drags down Stasieweg) to Winkelshoek, Piketberg. Everybody made the ride safely and we were speedily on our way to Dunn’s Castle – our overnight stop.

Here we were met by Tammy, who with her husband Sean, run the restaurant and bar and in no time everybody were settled in their allocated “house” for the evening.

Supper was supurb with huge helpings of soup, lasagne and stirfry rounded off by malva pudding and icecream.
General feeling – we ate far too much but the food was soo good. I believe a good “kuier” afterwards carried on till quite late in the night.

Sunday morning came along and once again it was time for breakfast and again the foodmaking team excelled – feeding us on an abundance of cereals, fruit, bacon, eggs and the other usual niceties. Wonderful stuff.

And then it was all over. A very well received weekend away at a beautiful venue with even more beautiful views as far as the eye could see.

Thank you Tammy and Sean, for your wonderful efforts this weekend even under some trying circumstances and limited resources. Thank you Nomads for participating, without you there would not be an economy run. Thank you everybody that helped out as marshalls (you did an excellent job) and who helped us out in any other way. Thank you Nomads for the huge sponsorship for the event. Much appreciated.

Let’s do it again next year!

34 people on the ride. 30 members, 4 visitors, 6 cars and 17 bikes: Honda 5, BMW and Suzuki 4 of each, Triumph 2, Kawa and KTM 1 of each.


Some of our participants had an excellent fuel economy but had to drop down in their category due to penalties incurred for being late at the petrol stops. Results below reflect true results (without penalties):

Category A

7. Lizl Todd – 21.74 km/l (penalties)
6. Andre Heylinger – 18.55 km/l (penalty)
5. John Lee – 17.95 km/l
4. Kevin Farrow – 19.84 km/l
3. Alex van Rensburg – 20.00 km/l
Runner-up: John van der Spuy – 21.41 km/l
Winner: Johan van Blerk – 26.88 km/l

Category B

6. Peter Goodacre – 13.5 km/l
5. Mark Pringle – 16.98 km/l (penalty)
4. Robert Todd – 19.49 km/l (penalty)
3. Harry James – 18.78 km/l
Runner-up: James Poate – 18.87 km/l
Winner: Susan James – 22.32 km/l

Category C

4. John/Lorraine Potter – 16.26 km/l (penalties)
3. Rob/Julie Thomsett – 16.8 km/l
Runner-up: Luderick/Helewese Jacoby – 17.61 km/l
Winner: Peter/Jacqui Cowman – 18.66 km/l

Overall Winner: Johan van Blerk