Economy Ride

After heavy rain on Friday night I was carefully optimistic that we would have a dry weekend for our annual Economy run that started at Masakhane Filling Station in Bosmansdam Road.
We arrived at the garage just before 8am and was surprised to see a number of participants and marshals already in attendance.
There was an excited buzz in the air as tanks were filled and sealed, instructions sheets and route maps distributed and taped. The weather was holding out and we could even see the sun peeping through the clouds.
Thank you to all the members who got up early to come and say goodbye to us on Saturday morning. Good to see Christo and Liza, still recovery after their recent accident. Dave Abrahams and is wife were also there and we hope to see an article in Drive Times soon.
Masakhane owners kindly supplied coffee and rusks on the house, and as it is was a chilly morning, these refreshments were very well received.
The first rider, Kevin, left at 9h00 with more riders leaving every 2 minutes. In the meantime Jonathan, Katie, Portia and John had left to make their way to Napier, marshaling at our first fuel stop. Light lunch at Napier consisted of sandwiches and juice, supplied by Masakhane and kindly sponsored by Pathfinders. Mike, Sue, Anneri and Nicky set out for Robertson to marshal and after all the riders left Krog and myself made our way to Nuy Valley.
En route we popped in at Napier to welcome our first riders in and due to all the activity and excitement, Krog forgot to put fuel in the car. This we only realized a few kms out of town and it was NOT an anonymous presumption that we will make it to Bonnievale and refuel there. Well, the last 10km on the road frizzled out my nerves completely as the guage was on 0 and stayed on 0 no matter what! Well, that story did end well as we made it to Bonnievale. Reputation and pride intact. Imagine us running out of fuel on economy run – that probably would have been the cog up of the year!!!
Next we made our way to Robertson, said hi to marshals and finally arrived at Nuy Valley to wait for the riders to arrive.
The first leg was 205 km long taking 2hr 15 min, the second one 117 km to be done in 1hr 20 min, and the first part of leg 3 to Nuy Valley 37.5km in 22 minutes.
Everyone arrived safe and dry, got settled in their rooms and then the party began. There were quite a few of our so-called “adults” plus one young lady who thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the children play park on the grounds. Others watched the rugby game on tv and I do not actually know which of the two groups made the most noise. At least the Springboks won!!!
At 7pm it was time for supper and what a spread. I think everyone who were there would agree – that chicken pie was definitely the star of the meal – supurbly delicious. We had a lucky draw and 11 people walked away with some delightful goodies. And how is this? Rob and Lizl both winning Eilandtzicht liqueur gift packs – plenty of partying at the Todds place in near future.
A huge log fire made for a very cosy atmosphere and everyone sat chatting for a while. Then slowly but surely the crowd faded. It was a long day and the clean fresh air must have had an influence on everyone getting to bed early.
Krog and myself joined the crowd in the cellar where Sue entertained us imitating animal sounds and doing her 22 press ups for the day and Sean taking a video. You must have seen Simon’s face when he walked in on this lot – absolutely precious.
The next day breakfast was served at 07h30 with delicious fresh fruit salad, plenty of yogurt, cereals, krummelpap, wors smoor, scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and preserves and to round off cinnamon pancakes. Fruit juice, tea and coffee completed the meal.
At 9h00 Kevin was again the first one to leave on second part of 3rd leg with others following. Jonathan, Katie and Portia left early to be ready to marshal at Masakhane as riders come in. Mike, Sue and Nicky also left on their way to Jaggers to assist with lunch and Krog, myself and John Lee left soon after last rider.
Hitting the N1 we realized that the route could be a bit of a challenge as the wind was super strong and there was a lot of rain in the air. Sean missed a turn and had to do a huge detour but everyone got to the end venue safe and sound. The last leg was 160km with 1 minute short of 2hrs to complete.
Somehow we managed to duck and dive during the weekend but now the rain came down in absolute buckets. Nicky’s Mercedes went into protest mode with the key stuck in ignition and they were stuck at N1 Engen stop for a while but that story also ended well and all joined us for lunch at Jaggers.
Cathy was her all efficient self and produce a good meal of chicken, chips and salads with dessert to follow. Ernie put up a TV so those fanatics could watch the MotoGP while filling up their stomachs. Lastly it was time to announce the economy run results.
Kevin won overall and Krog also presented Sean Anderson with an AA map book of the Western Cape as he missed a turn on more than one occasion and ended up with more than 11litres extra fuel in penalties.
Category A (0 – 1000CC)
Runner-up: Alistair Horn
Winner: Kevin Farrow

Category B (1001cc +)
Runner-up: Peter Dollman
Winner: Eddie Duncan

Category P (pillion)
Runner-up: Luderick and Helewese Jacoby
Winner: Robert and Lizl Todd

Runners-up received a pair of gloves and t-shirt
Winners received a Cordura Jacket each
Overall winner received R750 cash sponsored by Peter Beldekeno and a Lazer Motorcross Helmet.

Thank you to Craigs Fitment Centre Parow who donated the Helmet and the Nomads Club for the other prizes.
Huge thank you to all our sponsors and everyone who participated and also those who joined us for lunch. Without you guys there would not have been an event. Huge welcome to Antionette who joined us for lunch after her recent operation – speedy full recovery.
37 people on the ride. 27 members, 10 visitors on 19 motorcycles and 4 cars. 13 people joined us for lunch at Jaggers.
10 BMW 4 Suzuki 4 Honda 1 Yamaha.
That is it in a not so small nutshell.
Those of you who were not there, you missed a great weekend.
Keep it safe on the road
Masakhane Caltex Service Station
Pathfinders Transport Consultants
Steer & Co
Craigs Fitment Centre Parow
Peter Beldekeno


Nr Category Type of Bike Actual Fuel Used Plus Penalties Actual Km/liter Penalties Km/liter
  Category A: 0 – 1000cc          
1 Kevin Farrow VStrom 650 23.55 24.65 22.78 21.1
2 Alistair Horn Yamaha 1000 27.07 27.07 19.21 19.21
3 Dylan Jefferies VStrom 650 24.36 27.26 21.35 19.08
4 Simon Jefferies Vstrom 1000 30.23 30.93 17.2 16.81
5 Chris Dollman CBR 1000RR 33.42 34.32 15.56 15.15
  Category B: 1000cc +          
1 Eddie Duncan Hayabusa 25.47 25.47 20.41 20.41
2 Peter Dollman Honda ST1300 26.56 27.16 19.58 19.15
3 Storm Duncan BMW1200GS 26.76 27.26 19.43 19.08
4. Gerhardus Keuler BMW1200RT 29.04 29.64 17.91 17.54
5 Barry Wrankmore BMW1200GSA 29.55 30.55 17.6 17.02
6 Sean Anderson BMW1200GS 33.94 45.74 15.32 11.37
  Category P: Pillion          
1 Robert & Lizl Todd BMW1200GS 30.22 30.22 17.2 17.2
2 Luderick & Helewese Jacoby BMW1200GSA 32.06 32.06 16.22 16.22
3 Harold & Mads Mead BMW1200GSA 33.65 35.85 15.45 14.5
4 John & Heather v d Spuy BMW800 33.75 33.75 14.41 14.41
5 Mike & Jenny Meiring CBR1100XX 38.54 38.74 13.49 13.42

Overall Winner: Kevin Farrow.


The 2016 Nomads Economy Ride, run at the weekend over a 519km route in the Southern Cape, was not a ride for sissies.

Traditionally held at the coldest, wettest time of the year, the two-day ride demanded intense concentration from the competitors if penalties for late arrival at any of the checkpoints were to be avoided – because half a litre of virtual petrol would be added to the rider’s overall fuel-consumption for every minute that he was late at a given checkpoint.
Winner Kevin Farrow and his Suzuki V-Strom 1000 recorded an overall fuel-consumption of only 4.74 litres per 100km. Picture: Dave Abrahams
For instance, the 205km first leg from Montague Gardens to Napier had to be completed in 2hr15m – an average of 96.5km/h. That sounds easy when you say it quickly, but included the towns of Somerset West and Caledon, as well as Sir Lowry’s and Houw Hoek passes, where lower limits and tight corners wreak havoc on carefully judged average speeds.

In addition, riders also had to avoid getting lost (very expensive in terms of penalties) and keep their eyes open for the answers to 10 questions related to features along the route – each one not answered or answered incorrectly would add another third of a litre to the rider’s total.

The second leg took the riders through Bredasdorp, Stormsvlei and Bonnievale to Robertson – 117km, which had to be completed in 1hr20m, at an average speed of 87.75km/h. The third and final leg was split; the first part, 37.5km to the overnight stop at Nuy, had to be ridden in 22 minutes at an average speed of 102.3km/h, while the second section, 160km through Worcester, Villiersdorp, over Franschhoek Pass, through Franschhoek, Simondium and back down the N1 to the start point and final check-in at Montague Gardens, was scheduled for 1h59m, at an average of 80.6km/h.

Which makes the overall fuel consumption of 4.74 litres per 100km, including penalties, recorded by winner Kevin Farrow on a Suzuki V-Strom 650, all the more impressive. Winner of Class B, for motorcycles with engines bigger than 1000c, was Eddie Duncan’s Suzuki Hayabusa, which returned an overall figure of 4.89 litres per 100km, while Robert and Lizl Todd, riding a BMW R1200 GS, took the honours in Class C for motorcycle with pillion, with an overall consumption of 5.81 litres per 100km.