Sunday morning arrived bright and shiny, so I could but one fear to bed: no rain. Due to the Cape Town Marathon and plenty of closed roads, Krog ditched the idea of Damelin and everyone met at 09h00 on Milner Road just outside Marsh Memorial Home.
Arriving at the Home, we were met by some beaming faces and some not so happy ones. Guess what, the grumpy ones were the ones staying home.
As soon as every pillion seat were taken and helmets and t-shirts sorted, Krog called everyone together to explain the route.
Our ladies had to take up some 4-wheel seats for the morning.

The route took them left on Milner Road, left Kromboom Road, left M5, onto elevated freeway to N1, left on Sable Road, N7, right on Vissershok Road (M48) towards Durbanville, all the way into Durbanville. Left into Main Road, and just outside Durbanville Krog had a pitstop for everyone to catch up and Jan to refuel. About 6km outside Durbanville right onto R304, passed Fisantekraal, cross over R304, carry on to R44 T-junction. Turned right and stopped again to make sure everyone were present, then another 10km down the road to turn left into Butterfly World, our venue for the day.
After some refreshments we made our way to the lapa where Helani gave us a very interesting info session and introduction to some exotic pets such as lizards, snakes and spiders. As worms make me squirm I gave these “exotic” pets a definite miss.
Afterwards we took a leisurely tour through the garden and it was quite a job keeping the group together but we made it happen. Next move was De La Paix Restaurant next door for some munchies.

As we were a huge group I felt sorry for the waiters as they had a super difficult task of answering all the drinks orders. We had to wait quite a while for the burgers and chips, but when they arrived, they arrived in full force. Taking all into account, I think our waiters did a pretty good job.

The burgers were big and the chips fresh and warm and the milkshakes absolutely yummy, so not a meal for those who are watching calories.
Afterwards everyone got on the bikes and took the N1 back to Marsh Memorial while us ladies had to be satisfied with quad-riding.

Arriving back at the Home, there was much excited chatting, bragging and pic taking. But as so many good things, the day had to come to an end and we said our good byes and made our way home.

A huge turn out of 73 people with 33 members, 9 visitors, 3 caregivers and 28 kids on 24 bikes and 7 cars.

A huge thank you to every rider who took a child on the back and every pillion for giving up their seat for the morning. We really appreciate each and everyone of you. And to mention commitment, Jan came all the way from Piketberg to join us for the ride. Thank you also Nomads for a great sponsorship and our Nomads ladies who helped watching the kids and making things run smooth.
And last but not least, huge congrats to Dannii who rode her Harley all the way to the venue and back to Marsh Memorial. Well done girl, we are super proud of you.

BMW x 10, Honda x 4, Yamaha x 3, Suzuki, HD, Triumph x 2 each, Kawa x 1

That is it for now.
Keep it safe on the road.
Till next time

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