Alarm clock wakes me, get up and peek out the window, beautiful day! Shower, kit up, get the bike ready and off to Damelin. On the way I notice that the wind is actually quite gusty and I start getting concerned that the Pilots might not be able to fly today! At Damelin there are already a couple of Nomads in attendance and toward 08hoo we have 22 bikes and three cars and off to the Marsh Memorial Home we go! Thank you to Denise Pretorius, Ian Sinclair and Jonathan Erasmus for the transport of the extra helmets, t-shirts and caps to Marsh Memorial as well as the kids and Child Minders to and from the Morningstar Airfield! At Marsh Memorial Home we were met by Child Minders, Sonja Brand, Venicia De Silva and Mark Ferus as well as twenty kids who were fortunate enough to be chosen by their Child Minders to enjoy the day with us. After we presented the kids with a T-shirt and Helmet, they chose the bikes and riders they wanted to ride with and we were off towards the Morningstar Airstrip! We took the M5, N1, N7 and turned off at the Schoorsdrif turnoff and arrived at the airfield, where we were welcomed by Peter Beldekeno and other Pilots of the Western Cape Microlight Club. We were also met by some of our usual Pillions who had to sit this one out. By this time the wind was even gustier but we were assured that the Pilots were good and ready to go. Mike Lander took charge of the arrangements and assisted by Ettien Bekker, (who did the air traffic control via portable radio). We got all the kids together for a safety briefing. After that the first kids went with the respective Pilots to their aircraft and they were off! There were eleven aircraft available. After the first flights came back, Paul and Cornelia Barber, pinned Nomad wings on the kids’ chests, I dished out Nomad caps, new passengers were taken on and off they went! After the kids and Child Minders were done, the Pilots took some ladies and gentlemen of the Nomads for a flight as well. The Members more akin to terra firma chose to stay at the clubhouse and enjoy liquid refreshments, ably served by Gunther Klumpfl!

During the flying activity, Carine Swanepoel and her staff kept the kitchen bustling, preparing hot-dogs for the kids which were served to them as they returned from their flights. After that the Child Minders, Members and Visitors were served steak rolls and the kids dug in again to hamburgers and cool drinks. After everybody had their “airtime” and finished their meals, Mark took a group photo, the kids had some ice-cream and we were off to take the kids and Minders back to Marsh Memorial.

The Nomads would like to thank the following Pilots of the Western Cape Microlight Club.

Jonathan Starke, Charl Starke, Bobby Heinman, Shaun Curren, Jurgan Jansen, Koos De Jager, Ant Van Malsen, Ross Leighton, Mark Bunning, Peter Beldekeno & Ian Martin.

We also thank Carine Swanepoel, Gunther Klumpfl and the kitchen staff for their great service! They really did a terrific job serving seventy people!

Thanks again to Peter Beldekeno who put this whole show together with his friends at the Western Cape Microlight Club.

Thank you also to Paul and Cornelia Barber. The metal badges (wings) provided by Paul and pinned onto the kids after their flight was really a very nice touch! 

Last but not least, I would like to thank all my fellow Nomads as well as Visitors, who took the time and volunteered as riders and back-up, to take a kid on a wonderful outing for the day. I am sure you would all agree that we had a great time and once again did something the Club can be proud of.

Attendance: 32 members, 7 visitors, 20 kids, 3 carers, 22 bikes and 6 cars.

Andre Heyliger (Club Captain)


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