The whole week prior to this ride I was checking out the weather report on TV both for Cape Town and Malmesbury. Malmesbury the closest town to Darling. It predicted rain for Cape Town for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Rain was predicted for Malmesbury for the Saturday and Sunday.
Waking up on this Sunday the weather was very cloudy, very dark rain clouds and cold. This weather put a lot of riders off as it was a very poor turnout of bikes.
Upon arrival at Damelin I was first there to an empty parking area. Soon a visiting rider, namely, Russell Wood arrived, then some members and at 08h00 I briefed the riders on the venue and the route.
Setting off from Damelin we turned right onto the N2 and taking the next off ramp onto the M5, over the Koeberg flyover onto the N1. We rode down the service road of the N1, past Century City, taking the off ramp onto the N7. Continuing along the N7 until the Melkbosstrand turnoff. Turning left towards Melkbosstrand. At the R27, West Coast Road, we turned right and rode past the Koeberg Power Station. The sky was very dark with black clouds and low-lying mist, that looked like rain. There were quite a few cars on the road, silver/grey in colour that did not have their headlights on.
We all had to keep our wits about ourselves and stay away from the centre white lines. The majority of the cars travelling in the same direction as we were pulled over onto the yellow emergency shoulder and we all thanked them for doing so.
At the Silverstroomstrand/Mamre intersection we turned right towards Mamre. It now started to rain, and my visor misted up that I could not see clearly, so I slowed the ride down as there were cattle and horses in the fields with no fences, allowing them to stray onto the road. On the Mamre Road we rode on the outskirts of the town.
At the T junction with the Atlantis/Darling Road, it had now stopped raining, we turned left towards Darling. We must have been halfway between Mamre and Darling when it started to rain again. This is not one of the best roads to ride on in adverse weather conditions, particularly on a motorcycle. But we soldiered on and arrived in Darling turning left into Van der Stel Street and immediately right into the parking area of the restaurant.
Walking into the restaurant we were shown to our reserved table, which was on the patio under the roof overhang. Just off the patio were tables out in the open and a small kiddies play park.
Hot beverages were ordered and soon we ordered our breakfasts. The hot beverages could not have arrived sooner as we were all wet and cold. Except for my pillion, Carla, when we had stopped at the Atlantis turnoff on the R27, to put on her full rain suit.
Socializing and reminiscing started and then the food arrived. In between mouthfuls of food the chatter continued. All too soon the meals were finished, and the bill was paid, and it was time to depart for our respective homes.
The Committee and I would like to thank the members and visitors for attending this ride in the adverse weather conditions. It is really appreciated.
There were 7 members, 3 visitors and 7 bikes.
The next ride is on Sunday, 19th December 2021.
It is the Club Captain’s Incentive ride, going to Le Pommier restaurant Helshoogte Road, Stellenbosch.
The club will be paying for the following members breakfast for attending more than 60% of rides during the year.
Luderick Jacoby
Helewese Jacoby
Glen Kotze
Robert Spaltman
John van der Spuy
Ian Sinclair
Despite not having a ride for the month of July, due to Covid restrictions, we still had 21rides for the year 2021.
For the members who did not qualify for the paid breakfast, please attend the ride as it is the last organised ride for the year. YOU are all most welcome.
The Committee and I would like to wish all our members and their families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
All the protection, All the time.
Always ride safe.

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