Upon waking up on this morning and looking out the window to see what the weather was going to look like for the rest of the day. It was overcast and misty with damp spots on the ground where the extra moisture had dripped off the trees. Not to fear, as it was only the 17th March and the day should be OK for riding our bikes.

Travelling towards Mowbray along the N1 getting closer to the mountain, the mist was getting thicker and heavier and the moisture on the screen of the bike was starting to look like it was raining.

Turning left off the N2 onto Liesbeek Parkway, I saw on the opposite side the Hairs and the Eriksen’s and Sean Anderson proceeding towards Damelin. Soon more members arrived. In the meantime, Kevin decided to go home to change his jacket. At 08h00 I briefed the members on the restaurant and the route. It was then time to put on helmets, gloves and start our bikes. Mike and Jenny were the delegated tail end Charlie as Kevin had not returned by the time, we were ready to leave.

The route was turning right onto the N2, left onto the M5 over Koeberg Interchange and down the N1 service road, past Century City. Travelling slowly as the roads were really wet and allowing everybody to settle down as to the wet conditions. Turning left onto the N7 towards Malmesbury. Travelling all the way to the turn off to Philadelphia. At the stop sign we turned right and under the N7, slowing down as we came into Philadelphia so as not to commit any speeding offences. Having done that, we increased our speed to the weather and road conditions. A couple of kilometres later we turned left onto the old Malmesbury Road towards Kalbaskraal.

Now it was time to start looking and avoiding the potholes in the roadway. Rob Spaltman had said there were potholes, but that they were busy repairing the road. Well that was slightly true, but only as we were approaching Kalbaskraal, where the road was actually recently resurfaced. Back to spotting potholes and taking evasive action. Apart from the potholes the road was very quiet, and the scenery was completely different from the normal route that we are inclined to travel on.

Kalbaskraal is a small farming community/town which does have a liquor store on the Main road. Out the other side of Kalbaskraal and a few more kilometres down to the T junction, turning left onto the Durbanville/ Malmesbury road. Into Malmesbury and turning left at the fast food joint and petrol station. At the second street we turned left again past the church and then turned left into Bokomo Road, so as to approach the Swartland Vissery from that side, without having to make a U turn, having approached from the “wrong side.”

Johnny and Niki were eagerly awaiting our arrival and guided us onto the sidewalk into the reserved parking area kept for us. Having parked our bikes, we were invited inside to help ourselves to coffee, sherry, wine or beer. Helmets and jackets were placed on a table inside the restaurant. There was even a security guard to keep an eye on the bikes.

With so much greeting and chitter chatter it was soon time for the fish and chips to be served, with all different sauces and rolls. The meal was enjoyed by all and I stood up and thanked Johnny, Niki and his staff for especially opening on a Sunday. The fish and chips having been eaten, it was time for dessert, which was soft serve ice cream. Soon it was that time of the day to pay for our meal and I just want to say a huge Thank You to Mandy for handling the payment from each member. A big thank you to all those who attended the ride.

There were 21 members, 2 visitors, 18 bikes and 2 cars.

The Chairman, Luderick is looking for 16-20 bikes to transport running marshals/referees for the Two Oceans half marathon and the ultra-marathon on Saturday, 20th April 2019. This is the Easter Saturday of the long weekend. If you are able and willing to assist, please contact Luderick on mobile 082 559 7729 or telephone no 021 55 88 537.

Mandy and I just want to wish everybody attending the Buffalo Rally a safe trip to and from the rally.

At the May General meeting I will have a list for names of riders who want to participate in our annual economy ride over the 17th and 18th August, 2019.

There will also be a list for riders who can assist for the Marsh Memorial Home’s orphan ride taking place on Sunday, 15th September 2019.

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