Waking up to bright blue skies and a gentle breeze in Goodwood, I started to get ready to go on the ride. Riding along the N1 past Century City the wind was blowing stronger as it usually does. Nothing to worry about as it was not going to blow us off our bikes. Arriving at Damelin we were shielded by the mountain and one could hardly feel the wind. Slowly more members arrived and then it was time to brief the riders on the restaurant and the route.

Unfortunately we had to wait for Warren and two riders/visitors as the young lady held them up. At 08h10 they arrived and I had to tell Warren the route, which was quite simple, and then we started our bikes and set off.

Leaving Damelin we turned left onto the N2 and again left onto the M3, Rhodes Drive, riding past the University and the Newlands picnic area and the Newlands Forest Station. Coming round the bend in the road we approached our first traffic light and fortunately it was green, but slowing down the pack so as not to set off the speed camera at the intersection. The whole group of bikes got through on the green light. Down Paradise road, keeping in the right lane and passing through the next two traffic light intersections we then went onto Edinburgh Drive to go up what is commonly called Wynberg hill. Up and over the top and onto the M3 or the Blue Route or Simon van der Stel Freeway. Pick a name, any name, the choice is yours, and no there are no prizes for picking any name because all three are correct.

We stayed on the M3 right to the end of the freeway and then turned right onto Steenberg road, riding past Westlake industrial area on the right. At the bottom of Ou Kaapse Weg we took the off ramp to proceed over Ou Kaapse Weg and had to stay behind a couple of cars due to oncoming traffic. The roads were surprisingly quiet, so we were not in a big hurry to get to the venue.

Once we were over the top and down at the bottom of Ou Kaapse Weg, it was going through three traffic light intersections at the back of Sun Valley. After the third intersection we proceeded straight onto Glencairn Boulevard, or another name, Black Hill. At the bottom of the hill we turned right into the Main road of Glencairn, heading towards Simonstown.

Just before entering Simonstown we turned right onto Red Hill road, riding slowly as it is not the smoothest of roads, plus lots of sharp hairpin bends. Just before the top, I pulled the group off onto the open viewing/parking area to see who had got left behind. I walked to the edge and looked down on the section of the road and saw that our tail end Charlie was on his way. So start up the bikes and continue with our journey.

At the bottom of Red Hill we did a double right turn onto the Scarborough, Misty cliffs road. Upon entering Scarborough stopping at the stop signs, we turned right at the third stop sign to enter the parking area of The Village Hub, our breakfast venue for today.

At the entrance of the deli/farmstall I manned the hand sanitizer bottle and ensured all the riders and pillions hands were sanitized. Walking straight through to the rear of the premises, where we found our seating and started to order our refreshments and breakfasts.

Waiting in the parking area was Mick Honig and Harold Mead eating a croissant/starter. They had gone by car.  Mike and Sue Hair, Clinton and Caile were already seated at the rear had also gone by car.

The service was quick, efficient and the food was very delicious. Each table got there bills separately, so there was no problem as to who had what to eat and how much they owed on the bill. The breakfasts having been paid for and everybody seemed satisfied we all left for various other engagements,

John Lee had sent me a sms which read: Still incapacitated. Pushed around in wheelchair for now. Final surgery 7th April.  Full recovery imminent. CAUTION. Beware of motorists speeding from side streets. Unfortunately John was knocked off his scooter on Monday 22nd February and ended up in hospital seriously injured.

We can only wish John all the very best for the operation and that he has a speedy recovery.

There were 20 members, 9 visitors, 18 bikes and 4 cars on the ride.

Thank you to all the members and their visitors who attended the ride. The committee really appreciate the attendance.

The next ride will be on Sunday, 4th April, 2021, [Easter Sunday]. It is very short mystery ride. Leaving Damelin at 08h30. [Winter starting time]

The ride after that will be on Sunday, 18th April, 2021, going to the Café Racer restaurant in the Strand. Leaving Damelin at 08h30.

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