Economy Ride



After watching the weather channel like a hawk the previous week, Saturday morning arrived with the makings of a perfect winter’s day. As the last few days were pretty busy for us, Krog and I still needed to pack, do some chores, get the dogs fed and then we were ready to go.
I made the short trip to Masakhane Service Station on the back of the Kawa. On arrival we were met by some very eager early birds munching on a muffin and drinking hot coffee. We chatted while more bikes arrived and then it was time to get ready for business. I helped with the handing out of instructions sheets while others sealed petrol tanks, took odo readings, etc. and then the first rider was off. Andre left first followed by some 23 more nervous and excited riders and passengers.
Krog did the route on his lonesome and I hitched a ride with Lizl and Wesley to Citrusdal. On arrival we went straight to the hotel and unpacked and then ventured in search for a bite to eat. The only restaurant that we could find were otherwise occupied with some 20 guests and could not find time to attend to us, so we tried the local supermarkets with some success. Me thinks, quaint as it is, Citrusdal still has some growing up to do. By 1pm we were at what looked like the only garage in town, so could not be missed.
Soon after Andre arrived and then we were into the business end of affairs as more and more guys and gals arrived and by 3pm everyone were accommodated and relaxing at the hotel, either watching some rugby, having some comfort food or just chatting over drinks. Everyone had his or her own story to tell.
7pm happened and it was prize giving time. Everyone felt like a winner as everyone got a prize. Huge thank you Nomads. Congratulations to all the class winners and also special congrats to Susan James who won the overall prize for having the best fuel economy. Well done Sue!
The evening meal was scrumptious and plentiful and combined with some excellent company made for a most enjoyable time.
Sunday morning arrived in similar fashion, sunshine, wind free, birds chirping in the trees – just what the Nomads ordered. After a just-as-good breakfast I decided to take a ride back with Krog on the Kawa. We left just after 8am and made good time to be back home by 10h15.
This year’s economy run was well attended by 51 people. Thank you to all who participated, all the Marshals, Masakhane for sponsoring the muffins and coffee, the Citrusdal Country Lodge for their hospitality, the organisers for all their hard work and for everyone who sponsored prizes. A most enjoyable weekend, sure to be repeated next year.
That’s it for now.
Take care.



Waking up to a beautiful sunny day made it worthwhile getting out of bed. Still being unfit to ride pillon I hitched a ride in the car with Annari to Citrusdal and a ride back home with Antoinette. James of course was very eager and left at 7.25am en route to Masakhane petrol station on Bosmandam road in Sanddrift. On arrival at Masakhane there were quite a few Nomads already there having a muffin and coffee courtesy of the owners. Thank you Masakhane and Kevin Farrow it was yummy! Capt. H was getting things together and giving out instructions and a detailed map. A little later a few more Nomads and guests arrived. Luderick was unable to join us this year so Helewese rode pillion with Glen (alias Capt. Fantastic), someone had to keep an eye on him and who better than Helewese!! We missed you Luderick.
Capt. H was the first to depart followed by the rest of the gang! The route consisted of two leg, first one to Ceres and the second one to Citrusdal. The general route was N7, Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Agter Paarl, Wellington, Bainskloof pass and Ceres the distance being 185kms, the total distance being 335km.
The first and only break was for 30mins at Ceres, and thereafter it was straight to Citrusdal at the Caltex garage where the last refueling and km, sealed tanks were checked and of course the questions that needed to be answered to see who was paying attention! After that it was on to the Citrusdal Country Lodge where everyone chilled and relaxed. The hostess at the lodge was very welcoming and a sherry was also waiting for everyone. The lodge is absolutely beautiful and a real pleasure to stay there. Most of us sat outside as the weather was so good and a few chose to watch the rugby inside the bar.
It was eventually time for the presentation at 7pm with our President John van der Spuy doing the opening speech and then Capt. H started with the stats. Susan James was the overall winner and although I didn’t ride pillion with James, he still came last! But it’s okay big girls don’t cry we will leave the blackbird at home next year and take my big boy! Lol
Supper was great, real “boerekos”, the dining room decorated in black and red also created a lovely atmosphere. A few Nomads and guests decided to support the bar and sit outside after supper and others decided to have an early night. Sunday morning breakfast was great and soon after that it was time for hugs and kisses and time to leave.
A great time had by everyone, thanks Nomads and guests.
Till next time
Be safe



NAME Bike Make Actual Fuel Used Km/l Actual Km/l (Incl. Penalties) Position

 0 – 950cc Solo Class

Kevin Farrow SUZUKI V-STROM 650 12,38 27,06 24,49 1
Dylan Jefferies SUZUKI GSXR 600 14,27 23,48 20,72 2
Andre Heyliger HONDA TRANSALP 700 17,04 19,66 19,66 3
Chris Dollman SUZUKI V-STROM 650 16,19 20,69 19,60 4
Arthur Parish HONDA   400 18,52 18,09 17,80 5

951cc and upward Solo Class

Susan James SUZUKI GSXR 1000 12,73 26,32 26,32 1st & Overall Winner
Henry Morrison BMW GS 1150 14,38 23,30 23,30 2
Robert Todd BMW GS 1200 15,13 22,14 22,14 3
Wayne Filby YAMAHA ADVENTURE 1200 16,15 20,74 20,74 4
Peter Dollman HONDA PAN EUR 1300 16,31 20,54 20,54 5
Peter Beldekeno KTM   1190 16,34 20,50 20,50 6
Willem Smith HONDA BLACKBIRD 1100 16,54 20,25 20,25 7
Bossie Bosman BMW GSA 1200 16,67 20,10 20,10 8
Krog Potgieter KAWASAKI ZX10 16,52 20,28 19,92 9
Ryan Martin KTM 950 17,14 19,54 19,54 10
Simon Jefferies SUZUKI GSXR 1000 14,69 22,80 19,26 11
Alex Van Rensburg KTM ADV 990 18,28 18,33 18,03 12
James Mayer HONDA BLACKBIRD 1100 19,73 16,98 16,72 13

0 – 1200cc Pillion Class

Len & Naomi Steele BMW F800 ST 12,99 25,79 25,79 1
Roy & Denise Pretorius BMW RT 1150 14,98 22,36 22,36 2
John & Heather vd Spuy TRIUMPH 800 15,11 22,17 22,17 3
Harold & Madelaine Mead BMW GSA 1200 16,13 20,77 20,77 4
Ian & Mandy Sinclair HARLEY 1780 18,62 17,99 17,61 5
Paul & Cornelia Barber BMW GSA 1200 19,23 17,42 17,42 6
Mike & Jenny Meiring HONDA BLACKBIRD 1100 19,3 17,36 17,01 7
Glen Kotze & Helewese SUZUKI V-STROM 1000 20,76 16,14 16,14 8

Masakhane Caltex Service Station
Pathfinders Transport Consultants
Steer & Co
Suzuki South