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Another great rally!

From all the feedback that we have received, it would seem that the 2011 Buff was another roaring success!

Throughout the weekend there was the normal great entertainment in the main marquee tent where everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves. The various great bands dished out some fantastic music, as we have all come to expect at the Buff!

On Saturday there was the mass ride through the town in the morning, as well as the Concours d’ Elegance that took place at the Protea Hotel. Well done to all the Concours entrants. Some fantastic machinery was on display!

Thanks too, to the CMA riders who put on some fantastic stunt riding!

Then of course there was the highlight of the weekend – the prize giving on Saturday evening ending with the lucky draw for the R100,000 (yes, one hundred thousand) main prize. Congratulations to the lucky winner!

Of course, the rally doesn’t just happen on its own – there are a lot of people who put tremendous effort into making it happen. Our thanks to:

  • The Buff Committee.
  • All those Nomads members and their fantastic friends who give selflessly of their time to do “duties” at the rally. (These are all volunteers – nobody gets paid!).
  • The Round Table in Mossel Bay.
  • The Mossel Bay Municipality.
  • The Traffic Officials, Medics, Police, Emergency Services etc.
  • Helen and Errol for those fantastic crack-of-dawn mugs of coffee every morning!
  • Everybody who in some way was involved in making the rally a success.
  • To our fantastic sponsors, a HUGE thank you!
  • And then last, but most important of all, to all the rallyists who turned up in big numbers (±6000), thank you each and every one for your support. Without you, there is no rally!

We hope everyone had a great time.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the 2012 Buff.

Buffalo Rally – 2011  – Media coverage

This article appeared in the Mossel Bay Advertiser published on 18th March 2011.


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