Nomads Cape Trials
Where the footup trials riders in the Cape congregate.

BMW-Motorrad South Africa
South African site for BMW motorcycle owners.

BMW Motorcycle Club Cape
Home of BMW Motorcycling in the Western Cape.

IMOC РItalian Motorcycle  Owners Club of Cape Town
IMOC usually rides the first Sunday after the meeting.

Motorcyclists SA –¬†A National South African Motorcycle Club Register.

Motorcycle and motorbike info
Covers motorbike selection. Motorcycle accessories. Safe riding on road and offroad. Safe touring. Non commercial South African site.

Harley Owners Group – Africa

SA Rallies
Thank YOU to one and ALL for ur interest shown in our website so far, hopefullyin the near future we’ll be able to entertaine you A LOT more, so come on now.

Think Bike
The Think Bike Campaign was started by biking enthusiasts in South Africa and is run by bikers in the interests of road safety and public awareness.