Economy Ride



What a beautiful day to have a run. The weather decided to play the game and give the bikers a break, and seeing as though this is a Nomads Club event, rain was expected. The starting point was the Masakhane Garage on Bosmansdam Road, and everyone started arriving in good spirits and looking forward to the day. The staff and owner at Masakhane were very accommodating, they closed off one of the petrol lanes for our use and everyone was given muffins and coffee. They also supplied us with bottled water, apples and bananas. The young ladies working at Masakhane were fascinated with the bikes, especially James’ bike, and were taking loads of photos’. Kevin Farrow celebrated his 21st birthday (don’t forget to add the VAT), so we all sang to him – did I notice a blush!

Eventually it was time to leave, route maps and numbers were handed out and we “saddled up”. As soon as we turned onto the N7 the plastic folder holding our route map ripped apart and we were almost doomed before we even started. With the page crumpled up in my hand, I just hoped to hell that I did not lose it along the way, with the thick gloves you cannot feel if you have anything in your hand at all. Each time it was needed I had to pass it over Glen’s shoulder, try and open it up and just hope that a sudden breeze did not take it or rip it in half, but luckily I am such a good navigator (you can stop laughing now Yvonne) and we managed until we got to Villiersdorp.

We turned onto the R304 heading towards Philadelphia / Stellenbosch and followed the back roads, Stellenbosch, Worcester and crossed Du Toit’s Kloof Pass. Then Rawsonville and on to Villiersdorp for the first stop. The route was so scenic and wonderful. Passing through the farm areas of Philadelphia you had the fresh farm smell of cow dung wafting into the helmet, clearing the nasal passages and making the eyes water. Nothing beats fresh air. Snow on the mountains, picture postcard perfect – cold as anything, but so stunning. Waterfalls on Du Toits Kloof pass – for those of us who actually noticed them – Delrae and James, I still can’t believe you guys did not see it. And of course, clever me, I did not charge my camera, so I got not photo’s – I think we should arrange to do the route again. The last 10km’s to Villiersdorp were the worst; the bladder was so full that I had tears running down my cheeks, but luckily we made it, just by the hair on my chinny chin. We were treated to wonderful sandwiches, boiled eggs and cool drinks when we arrived at the garage and by this time the food was more than welcome. A very big thank you to Helewese for making these delicious sarmies.

And then it was time to leave again. Head towards Grabouw, Hermanus, Caledon, Bredasdorp, Swellendam and finally finishing at Buffeljagsrivier. I got to see more of the Western Cape Towns in one day than I think I have seen my entire life!! After doing all the necessary check-in stuff and having a quick cup of coffee it was back on the road to Barrydale. The Tradouw Pass is stunning, there is a lot of water in the ravine and the view is magnificent. When we eventually reach the hotel, it is straight to the bar, there were a lot of thirsty Nomads, and hungry, the left over sandwiches went down quicker than the Titanic! The staff at the hotel were very friendly and accommodating and very pleasant. The rooms are quaint, but have everything you need. There seemed to be problems with the hot water, but that was sorted out. The two youngsters working the bar put up with us and survived the night. The prize giving went quickly and I am not going to give details of the results as they are already on the Nomads website. Then it was dinner time. The food was divine. A real home cooked meal and no skimping on the portions. And of course, after dinner it was back to the bar. A few of the Nomads enjoyed the bar a bit more than others, but we won’t mention names or go into detail – what happened in Barrydale stays in Barrydale. The pain and anguish on their faces the next morning at breakfast convinced me that they should stay anonymous!! Don’t worry Louise, Andre, Simon, Roy, Pat – your secret is safe with me.

After a brilliant breakfast it was time to pack up and head home. Another weekend come and gone in the blink of an eye. To those of you who bought tickets for the “Shower Hour”, sorry you missed it and please be advised that there are no refunds available.

To the Nomads Club – thank you for a brilliant, well organised, fun, scenic ride. The directions were perfect, the questions were easy, but the plastic sleeves were terrible (Luderick to blame for this). This was my first Economy Run, but I can’t wait for the next one. I had such a great time.

To the Marshalls (you know who you are) – thank you for ensuring that everything ran smoothly, without you guys this event would not be possible.

To the Nomads members who took part – thank you for a wonderful weekend. You guys are always great fun, naughty, but great fun. Glen Kotze has promised that he will be doing the next “Shower Hour”, so buy your tickets (he will give you each R50.00 to watch) now so that you don’t miss out.


My Saturday off from work was different this time as it was the Nomads Economy Run. We woke up to a lovely chilly sunny morning and arrived at the Masakhane Service Station early to share free coffee and a muffin with all the participants with compliments of Caltex Masakhane Service Station.

As Alex set off for the first leg of the ride we made our way to Villiersdorp where the first leg of the economy run ended. We drove along the N1, then Franschhoek Pass of which the high mountain peaks were covered in snow. After Franschhoek Pass the road snakes past the Theewaterskloof dam which looked like a mirror at that time of the day. A short left and we were on route to Villiersdorp, WP Motors, the first checkpoint with snow visible on the mountains behind. Jonathan, Katy & Portia arrived soon afterwards with delicious sandwiches, fruit and refreshments for all. We all stood around chatting and soon we could see the headlights of the first rider arriving. Alex checked in with lots of time to spare. Thereafter all the riders came streaming in and no one received any late penalties as all were within the allocated times. The Marshals did the necessary checks concerning fuelling, etc and afterwards food was available for all. The Marshals reminded the riders that the second leg was to begin. After assisting with setting off the riders we made our way to the end stop at Buffeljagsrivier. On route to Caledon we spotted Luderick in the distance and I made the mistake to tell Roy . The next minute we went flying passed the two on the motor bike and just managed a wave. Then suddenly we came across Kevin who was travelling in the middle of the road, we nearly took him along as a mascot. We had to follow him towards the N2 before being able to overtake. At Buffeljagsrivier Roy managed to get there before Andre (I wonder why??). After a short while Alex arrived completing the second stage. Andre arrived shortly afterwards, clipboards were handed out to the Marshals who went about recording the fuel consumption, mileage, etc.

After refreshments, we made our way to Barrydale via Suurbrak (where Helewese is buying a plot) and the Tradoux Pass. We found the road was amazingly clean along the route. Barrydale Hotel was the final stop for the night. The hotel welcomed us and assisted with checking in. Soon we were in the bar relaxing and watching rugby. (of course we had something to keep us warm) Prize giving was in a separate little lounge with a blazing fire to fight off the Karoo cold. Ludy and Andre conducted the prize giving without delays and we were all given gifts as we left for supper. (Thank you Nomads and Pathfinders). Supper was superb and then it was off to the bar for a nightcap. The night cap turned into the early hours of the morning. There were quite a few people who experienced the floor moving and left to go to bed. We were second last to leave, Andre beat us by a mile!!!!

Sunday morning we were up before eight for breakfast. There were a few members who emerged from their rooms with sore heads and bleeding eyes. After breakfast and and saying our good byes we headed for the R62 and home. Before Montaque we spotted Kevin and Alex alongside the road. We stopped to see if they had trouble but was waved on. Thank you all for a most enjoyable weekend and Helewese for the sandwiches, etc. Needless to say Mr C arrived home and went straight to bed and there he remained till Monday morning.

Looking forward to the next event.



It was truly a beautiful day for a bike ride although it was very cold, most of us packed our rainsuits as well but thankfully didn’t need it.  Nomads and guest riders met at the Masakhane Caltex Service Station in Bosmansdam Road Sanddrift by 08.30am.  Each one receiving a free coffee and muffin courtesy of the owner who also sent “padkos” consisting of fruit and cooldrinks.

At a designated time Captain H and his second in command, Annari handed out a detailed route map,  which was taped to the riders tank, this of course eventually came loose at a later stage en route. Mark Schreiber was also there to see us all off.  We were all told to get ready , the leader of the pack being Alex with a two minute lead and a two minute distance between each rider thereafter. Annari had to of course hunt down Henry who was missing in action to make sure that he was ready to leave on time. James and I left after Henry at 9.08am where we took N7, Philadelphia turnoff, where we saw our roving marshals Yvonne and Sharon, phew! relief so we knew we were at least going in the right direction! Then it was en route to Agter Paarl, N1 , and of course my favourite,  du Toit’s Kloof Pass. I am always teased because I always close my eyes on these passes but I was a brave girl and kept my eyes open!!!.  After the pass it was onto Rawsonville, Nekkies Holiday Resort/Worcester , finally stopping at  Villiersdorp WP Motors where we were met by marshals Patty, Portia, Roy, Johnathan and Katy who offered us much needed refreshments.  Needless to say my last thought was food, my first thought being the toilet!  We were all allowed a half hour rest and then it was onto Buffelsjagrivier where we stopped , this being our second leg of the run where we were met by Captain H and Annari and waited for the rest of our fellow riders, whilst having more refreshments and a chat about the ride.  A short while later, the pressure now being off everyone, we rode the last few kms to Barrydale where the majority of us stayed at the Barrydale Hotel, an old fashioned quaint and beautiful hotel. Others stayed at the Watercourt Lodge and the Country Pumpkin.

As per usual the Nomads and our guest riders weren’t shy and got stuck into the bar at the Hotel whilst watching rugby. After rugby we all congregated in the lounge for the prize giving, where Robbie Phillips took the overall prize, of course riding a Honda, what can you say ” can’t keep a Honda down”! Supper was really good and then it was back to the bar for some as late as 3am Sunday morning but I dare not mention names!  Breakfast was a sight for sore eyes for some going as far as wearing dark glasses and others just had this funny green tinge to their skin! There were also those who didn’t even attempt breakfast!

All in all there was great comradie and a great time was had by all.

See you all the Springbok Rally.

Be Safe,

   NAME Bike Make  



CC Actual Fuel Used Km/l Actual Km/l after Penalties Position
0 – 950cc Solo Class
Robbie Phillips HONDA TRANSALP 700 17.82 22.38 22.01 1st & Overall Winner
Kevin Farrow SUZUKI V-STROM 650 18.575 21.48 21.48 2
Wesley Todd SUZUKI GSXR 600 23.542 16.94 16.94 3
951cc and upward Solo Class
Olaf BMW GS 1150 19.817 20.13 20.13 1
Henry Morrison BMW GS 1150 20.112 19.83 19.83 2
Willie Willemse BMW RT 1150 20.15 19.8 19.22 3
Tony Heath BMW GS 1150 20.5 19.46 19.18 4
Alex Van Rensburg KTM ADVENTURE R 990 22.677 17.59 17.59 5
Mark Pringle BMW GSA 1200 25.682 15.53 15.35 6
Simon Jefferies SUZUKI GSXR 1100 27.4 14.56 14.56 7
0 – 1200cc Pillion Class
Zane Franklin & Lucy vd Spuy BMW GS 650 18.197 21.92 21.92 1
John & Heather vd Spuy TRIUMPH TIGER 900 21.547 18.51 18.51 2
Luderick & Helewese Jacoby BMW GSA 1200 21.795 18.3 18.3 3
Rob & Lizl Todd BMW GS 1200 23.047 17.31 17.31 4
Tim Bulgin & Louis HONDA AT 750 23.5 16.97 16.97 5
Glen Kotze & Marcelle Bauermeister SUZUKI V-STROM 1000 23.577 16.92 16.92 6
Paul & Cornelia Barber BMW GS 1150 24.137 16.53 16.53 7
James & Delrae Mayer HONDA BLACKBIRD 1100 29.23 13.65 13.65 8


Caltex Masakhane Service Station


Pathfinders Transport Consultants