Springbok Rally

Cape Town Motorcycle club won the prize for best represented club.

Laura Hawes of Cape Town Motorcycle club received her badge for doing her 25th Springbok Rally.

Our lucky draw winners were:

3rd – Krog Potgieter received R1 000
2nd – Reece Wilkie received R2000
1st – Abby du Plessis received R3000

The 2012 Springbok Rally took place on 28th to 30th September 2012 at the De Hoek Mountain Resort.

The Resort is situated 35kms from Oudtshoorn, on the road to the Cango Caves, and is tucked away in the Swartberg Mountains. 
A highlight of this year’s rally was a run down to “Die Hel” (Gamkaskloof) on the Saturday, led by Kevin van Blerk. This proved to be very popular and we are hoping to organize another one next year for those who missed out this year!

Report by Marcelle Bauermeister

A beautiful camp site for a well organised rally. It is a pity that the numbers were down, I think a lot of people missed out on a very fun weekend. But, I suppose we need to take into consideration the fact that petrol prices are up – sky high in fact, with another increase on the horizon – and that there were two other rallies on the same weekend, but we won’t mention those.

The fact that the Springbok Rally is also a family weekend makes it great. The kids had a great time, and mine were out early every night from sheer exhaustion. There are numerous activities arranged to keep them busy, but I think the wide open spaces, the pools and the freedom to just enjoy themselves was enough. Of all the activities for the kids, my favourite – I mean the kids’ favourite – was the slip and slide, and the jumping castle, but I was soon evicted from there by the smaller kids.

The adult games are hilarious; this also gives the “big kids” a chance to act like little kids for at least a few hours – even though some continue this behaviour for the rest of the rally, yes, me included! I have decided that the most dangerous of the adult games is the egg toss. This game left me with bruises and “Egg on my Face”!

The tent is, of course, always a big hit. Big screen TV for the sport fanatics – at least the Springboks won their game – a bar for the thirsty, live entertainment in the form of Pete the Greek – what more could you ask for. For those bikers with a bit of adventure in them, there was a ride into Die Hel. I noticed a few punctures being repaired after the ride…….. For the not-so-adventurous and family groups, there is Wilgewandel, the Cango Caves, Ostrich farms and much, much more. Even the scenery in the area is something you must see. So the Rally weekend becomes a family holiday (well, a short but sweet holiday) as well. There are also plenty of food stalls – delicious hamburgers – for those who decided to stay in the camp and just chill.

We did have some rain, but this is par for the course when the Nomads get together. At least it cleared up on Saturday for the games and activities. The Little Miss Springbok and Master Springbok was really cute, and the kids are really funny. I do not ever want to judge one of those competitions, it breaks your heart when one of the kids don’t win, but they all seemed happy with their lolly pops.

Shifts were nice and easy, thanks to all the volunteers who helped. I still want to know why I was punished and given the 4am to 8am shift on Saturday morning??? Well, at least I got to see the sun come up. What an amazing experience watching the sun creeping over the mountains and the shadows disappearing.

All in all, I would have to say 10 out of 10. Lovely campsite, scenic drive, and great people. Thanks to the Nomads Committee for organising another great Rally and I am looking forward to next year. Absolutely fantastic!!!

Report by the Social Secretary, Lizl Todd

We made a weather call and decided to attend the rally by car.
Arrived at De Hoek, off-loaded and started working immediately. Our chalet looked like a production line for a kiddies party. 48 party packs were filled with sweets, chocolates, juice and stationery – packed back in boxes and left in a corner, ready for Saturday morning’s activities. All other props & prizes packed in chronological order and we were ready to explore the campsite. Stall holders were setting up and after chatting to a number of familiar souls, the curry man was the next stop. Spicy hot, fresh and generous – the curry was divine.

Rob & I did our duty Friday morning from 8 to noon. Hopes of a bumper attendance during school holidays, were quietly diluted in the pouring rain – but never dissolved!

Friday night Pete the Greek entertained us with all the old favourites.

We had 5 young ladies enter the Miss Springbok competition and it was won by Cathy Martin of Rude Motorcycle Club.

Saturday morning came all too soon, as it became very late and festive in the tent on Friday night…, but we woke up to clear skies – the rain was gone.

It was the first year we decided to introduce a Master Springbok, together with the Miss Junior Springbok competition. While I was interviewing the little ones, you could see some of the parents & grandparents cringe – not knowing what family secrects were going to be revealed. As they say, “out of the mouthes of babes”, you just have to believe them.

The young lady winner was Viveca, a local little girl who lives at the resort. Our young gentleman winner was Connor Perish of Cape Town Motorcycle Club.

From here it was time for the kiddies’ games. A jumping castle, hoola-hoops, a slip-‘n-slide and a host of other activities exhausted the kids. Thank goodness for the sunshine – it made the slip-‘n-slide a hit, even with one of the Nomads’ adult ladies.

With less than an hour to spare before the adult games, we had just enough time to get to the pool and cast our votes for the favourite bike entered into the concours. You had the usual perfectionists, true enthusiasts and a hopefull or two. Second place went to Anton Brett for his Yamaha SRX 250 and first place went to Anthony Bosch for his Honda CB1300.

At the adult games the “Funny Bikes” were a huge success. We had seven guys doing “time trials”. Unfortunately Kevin van Blerk took most of the off road boffins to the Hell at that time, or we may have had many more trying to ride a bike with off set hubs and no breaks.

After ditching the bike and landing himself on the tar road in ‘practice’, Quinton of Rude Motorcycle Club did the time trial in 35 seconds. His fellow club member, Shaun, took first place in 29 seconds.

In the men’s tyre throw, first place went to Dr Grant Hattingh of Cape Town Motorcycle Club and Wesley Todd of Nomads came second. I was told after the event, “Mom, I had to let him win, he still has to work on my teeth!” First place for the ladies went to Doreen and second to Portia.

From tyres to eggs. Oh, revenge is so sweet – pick your partner carefully…

First place went to Grant & Sydney and second place went to Marcelle & Katelynn.

After lots of fun in the sun – literally – it was time to get ready for prize giving. First up on stage was Kevin van Blerck. A small gift to say many thanks from Nomads for arranging the trip to the Hell. According to the feedback I received they got the name wrong, “It was Heaven!”

Cape Town Motorcycle club won the prize for best represented club.

Laura Hawes of Cape Town Motorcycle club received her badge for doing her 25th Springbok Rally.

Our lucky draw winners were:

3rd – Krog Potgieter received R1 000
2nd – Reece Wilkie received R2000
1st – Abby du Plessis received R3000

A huge thank you to Eddie Duncan of Eilandzicht for the amazing sponsorship.

Lizl Todd
Social Secretary
Nomads Motorcycle Club

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