After Saturday`s very extreme heat, Sunday was slightly cooler, not by very much. Again, up early to prepare for the ride and off to Damelin. Arriving at Damelin, there were already a few members eagerly waiting to go riding.
At 08h00 I briefed everybody on the venue and the route. Leaving the parking area at 08h05 and turning right onto the N2, taking the off ramp to the M5 and waiting for Luderick to catch up, as he was the only bike to get stopped at the traffic light under the N2.
Approaching the Koeberg interchange, Luderick had caught up to us, then it was onto the N1 and along the service road of the N1, past Century City. Taking the off ramp to the N7. Having got onto the N7, we moved over into the right lane.
Riding past all the off ramps and Du Noon and the last turn off to Table View, we then slowed down to take the right turn towards Durbanville, opposite Klein Vissershoek.
Riding through the farmlands along this narrow road with the edges of the road breaking up and avoiding oncoming vehicles, some of them cutting their corners, we rode up to the 4 ways stop sign and turned right onto Contermans Kloof road.
A much wider road with a decent shoulder and no traffic whatsoever in either direction. Past the quarry on the left and the industrial park on the right we then turned left into Tygervalley road, heading towards Durbanville. Past the well-known wine estates and turning right into Tygervalley road, which becomes Carl Cronje drive, which eventually goes between Tygervalley and Willowbridge shopping centres.
Riding along this narrow piece of road until it becomes a dual carriage way, we stayed in the left lane to turn left into old Oak Avenue, past the Northern side of Tygervalley shopping Centre.
At Durban Road intersection, we turned right into Durban Road and stayed in the left lane as we were going to turn left a couple of hundred meters further along.
At Bloemhof road we turned left, negotiated the traffic circle, went slowly over the speed hump, and then turned right into the complex, which houses Eskom, directly in front and to the right. We turned left towards the Bloemhof restaurant and parking area.
Waiting for us in the parking area was Wally and Emily Brandt in their 4×4, as his bike developed a misfire in the morning.
We all parked our bikes and entered the restaurant and proceeded to the back of the building and found seating outside under the trees. Val Horn joined us, having come through by car. Then Bryony Herman, her daughter, Lily and a friend soon arrived. Quite a while later Tracey Footman, wife of William, also arrived and joined the breakfast group.
Refreshment orders were taken, most people opting for something cool to drink. Then the breakfast orders were taken and not too long after the refreshments arrived, the breakfast orders arrived.
If one is hungry, then I will recommend the Bloemhof breakfast as it is very good value for money. The plates are bigger than normal, and it comes filled with food. All for only R85.00.
Everyone having consumed their food and the bill was paid, it was time to leave for our various homes and try stay out of the sun and keep cool
There were 15 members, 6 visitors, 10 bikes, 3 cars and 1 4×4 ldv.
The next ride will be taking place on Sunday, 6th of February 2022 and is going to Elgin station market. It will be a long route to get there.
The ride 2 weeks later, on Sunday, 14th of February 2022 will be going to the Bossa Nova restaurant, Main Road, Paarl.
The Chairman`s champagne breakfast will take place on Sunday, 6th March, 2022. Venue to be advised.
SPRINGBOK RALLY is being held over the weekend of 18th to 20th of March 2022 at De Hoek Mountain resort, Oudtshoorn. Get your entries in early and start getting your bikes ready for an extra-long ride.
Monday, 21st of March 2022 is a public holiday. Human Rights Day.

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