Waking up on Sunday morning, the wind had died down after it had been blowing gale force the previous day. So, it was time to get ready and set off to Damelin College in Mowbray. Riding through to Mowbray and looking at Table Mountain, which was covered by its tablecloth, which were very dark almost black clouds. The temperature was a bit on the cool side, but we had a ride to go on. Arriving at Damelin, John Lee and Ray Bergman were already waiting for the rest of us to arrive. Soon more members arrived and then it was time to brief the riders on the restaurant and the route.

Setting off it was a right turn on to the N2 and then a left turn onto the M5 and sticking to the speed limit going past the speed camera at the river on the M5 before Berkley Road. On and over Koeberg Interchange and onto the N1. Taking the service road past Century City and turning left onto the N7 towards Malmesbury. After Plattekloof Road bridge, the road works started with a chicane from the left to the right and then just before the Table View off ramp another chicane from the right to the left. Another lane change at the Klein Vissershoek turn off, now we were in the right lane with chevron boards indicating to stay out of the left lane. Basically, one had no choice to stay in the right lane, as they are doing roadworks and there is big drop off from the right lane DOWN into the left lane. One would need a 4×4 to get out of the left lane. Even the GS bikes would struggle to get out. The roadworks continued past the weigh bridge until the Melkbosstrand turnoff. Visitors Warren and Bryony Herman and Patrick Aylward joined us at the weigh bridge.

After the Melkbosstrand turnoff, we had two lanes again and we were able to get up to our normal speed when we are on our club rides. About 12 kilometres before Malmesbury we encountered more roadworks. A single lane in each direction, wrong side of the road for us going towards Malmesbury. Just before the hill at Malmesbury, we were then able to get back onto the left side of the freeway. Less than two kilometres later we took the NEW turn off, towards Darling. The old turnoff to Malmesbury is still the same, with that sharp left U bend coming out at the NEW traffic light intersection.

The traffic lights turned green for us and it was up the hill through the residential area and out onto the road to Darling. An interesting sign painted on a building leaving Malmesbury. It is a second-hand store, but on the side of the building it read, TWEEDEHANDSE CARWASH.  I will keep my thoughts to myself on this one. Back to concentrating on the ride, the road and the riders behind me.

Continuing along the Darling road past the farms, which were rather dry and dusty with a few green patches here and there. The green patches were vineyards which obviously had a good irrigation system. Further along we slowed down to cross the railway line and then picked up speed again. We continued along and then had to slow down again to cross the railway line. A little bit further along we approached the T intersection of Atlantis and Darling and turned right towards Darling. Riding through the gumtrees on either side of the road, we entered Darling and at van der Stel street we turned left and immediately right into the parking area of Brig`s Barn Restaurant. Having arrived a minute before us was David and Tracey, who had apparently overslept and then went direct to Darling. Inside the restaurant was Mike and Jenny with their daughter and her two daughters. The rest of us decided to sit outside on the stoep and then the orders were taken, and the coffees arrived soon afterwards, with lots of white and brown toast with butter and jam.

The breakfasts were good value for your money. The service was good and friendly, and the owner/chef was in a very jovial mood. He even came and warned us about a roadblock further down the road if anybody was going to return to Cape Town exiting Darling towards Yzerfontein and the R27, [the West Coast Road.] Soon it was time to pay our bills and set off for home as it was the last Moto GP for the season. Marc Marquez setting more records every time he goes out to race.

Mandy and I decided to visit a friend in Philadelphia, so we returned via Malmesbury and the N7, taking the turn off to Philadelphia only to find upon arrival at her little restaurant that she had closed the restaurant in August and there is a new restaurant with a little farmyard out the back. So off we set for home arriving in time to watch the second start of the Moto3 and Moto 2 and finally the Moto GP.

There were 13 members, 9 visitors, 11 bikes and 2 cars.

Thank you to all those who attended the ride. It is really appreciated.

The next ride is the Club Captains Incentive Ride taking place on Sunday, 15th December 2019. We will be going to the Olive Terrace, at the Tulbagh Hotel, Tulbagh. Departing Damelin at 08h00. The cost of the buffet breakfast is R120.00 per person.

The following members have qualified for a club sponsored breakfast viz. Ian Sinclair, Luderick Jacoby, Robert Spaltman, Jenny Meiring, Mandy Koorsen, John van der Spuy, Mike Meiring and Lodi Cronje.


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