Upon waking up on Sunday morning, the weather was cloudy, very windy and cool. Off to Damelin to see who was going to brave the elements this day. Arriving at Damelin and looking across into the parking area, there were no bikes there. Once having turned at Durban Road intersection and approaching the parking area, David and Tracey were riding towards the aforementioned intersection. I thought at least there would be four of us on the ride.

Soon more members arrived, including our newly accepted members, namely Warren Herman and Patrick Aylward. Warren is the nephew of Neville Herman, who is a member of Nomads. We have not seen Neville for many years due to health problems.

At 08h00 I briefed the riders on the restaurant, and it was decided to go direct through to the Strand. The departure was delayed by a few minutes, due to me phoning the restaurant and not getting a reply and then the restaurant phoned me back. By this time, I had put on my helmet, so it was a bit of a panic to answer my new phone, get the helmet off and finally talk to the restaurant`s owner.

Helmet and gloves back on, off we set. Turning onto the N2 with all the bikes getting through the traffic lights, it was moving into the middle lane and picking up speed to eventually move into the right lane. Continuing in the right lane and thanking the motorists who moved out of the right lane when we approached them, we kept up our speed consistently.

As we approached the Strand area, there were a few drops of rain, but nothing to be concerned about. At the Broadway Boulevard off ramp we turned off and then turned right to go over the N2. Riding past the Mall and then turned right again at the intersection which then took us into the Beach Road. Proceeding along Beach Road slowly and negotiating all the speed bumps, I never got to counting how many there were actually.

Approaching Van Riebeek Street, I had to be very alert to spot the name on the kerb stone, which is set back quite a distance, not easily visible from Beach Road. Turning left into Van Riebeek Street and riding up to the second intersection, we turned right into a small parking area opposite the restaurant and parked our bikes.

Upon entering the restaurant, we found two tables which had 6 chairs at each, having put helmets and gloves on a smaller table. Hot beverages were ordered, which were well worth it, as they were all in BIG mugs. Then the breakfast orders were taken, and the food soon started to arrive on the tables. Everybody ordering different dishes from the menu. A very good selection of varying meals.

Once the meals were consumed and the general chatter had come to an end, it was then time to say our goodbyes and head off to our various homes and other prearrangements.

Mandy and I left the Strand, up the Main Road and then turned left into Broadway Boulevard, which brings one back to the N2. Turning onto the N2, Lodi was in front of us and then we went past him, and approaching the Ultra City service station, it started to rain. I decided not to stop and put on rain suits and continued our homeward bound journey. When we got home, we found that our pants were only wet from the knees downwards. Nothing serious, we just hung them over a chair, and they were soon dry.

There were 11 members, 1 visitor and 8 bikes. A lot of regular members were not on the ride, I do not know the reason for this. To those who did come on the ride I Thank you all, it is greatly appreciated.

A huge thank you to John Lee for suggesting, that as their were so few members who had braved the bad weather, that the club would pay for the brekkie.

NOMADS next two rides take place on the following dates.

Sunday, 16th February 2020. The Chairman`s Champagne breakfast ride going to the Bloemhof Restaurant, Oakdale Complex, Bloemhof Road, Bellville. Departing Damelin at 08h00.


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