This Sunday once again the weather was perfect riding weather. Up early and get ready to meet and greet the rest of the riders in Mowbray. Upon arrival at Damelin College, there were already keen members waiting to go riding. At 08h00 it was time to brief the riders on the venue and the “ROUTE”. Enough said about that as it got me awarded the cog up of the month award. More details later in this report.

Setting off we turned right onto the N2, then left onto the M5, over Koeberg Interchange onto the N1. Once the back markers had caught up it was into the right lane all the way to the turnoff to Paarl. Taking the first off ramp into Paarl and turning left into the Main road.

That was my first mistake. Oh well, we will just have to go through the whole of Paarl. Which we did and unbeknown to me and the following members/riders there are very many speed reducing bumps hiding in the shadows of the trees on the side of the road. We continued through the Main road eventually and came out on the Agter Paarl road, turning right across the dual road. We continued along this road, crossed the 4 way stop intersection, and rode towards Wellington. At the next traffic light T intersection, we turned left and rode through the industrial area of Wellington. Passing a local distilling company named after a mountain pass. This mountain pass has been a very, very bumpy road all the years and now they are repairing and resurfacing it. The actual pass is closed. Only residents are allowed access. A bit of useful/useless information. I am digressing from the ride report.

Out of the industrial area onto unfamiliar roads to the majority of us. BUT the club captain should know the correct way. We rode and we rode passing Voelvlei dam on the right until we came to the turnoff to Hermon. See we were more or less on the right road. We turned left to go through the very small town/village of Hermon. Hardly having gone through Hermon, it was time for us to turn right into the property of Du Vlei Farmstall and Restaurant. A very short gravel road and another right turn into the parking area where we parked our bikes.

Helmets off, masks on and sanitizing of hands and we all sat down to order our drinks and breakfasts. Shortly after our arrival, Johnny De Quintal, our member from Malmesbury arrived having done 180 kilometres via Ceres, N1, and some other route. At least he did a mountain pass or two. In my briefing I had mentioned that we would be going over Bothmaskloof pass. Which of course we did not. I am sure everybody went home over that pass. I DID. Another mistake. It makes life interesting.

Everybody having had and paid for their breakfast, it was time to depart for other engagements.

There were 12 members, 2 visitors, 12 bikes and 1 car.

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