Sunday morning and it is time to ride the second ride of the month with the club. Blue skies and bright sunshine. Perfect bike riding weather. Off to Damelin College in Mowbray to see who was going to join us on the ride. At 08h00 I briefed the members on the route and the restaurant. We set off and turned left onto the N2 and then turned left onto the M3 and stayed on the M3 all the way to the end at Steenberg Road. Here we turned right heading towards West Lake and the bottom of Ou Kaapse Weg.

No going over Ou Kaapse Weg, but we stayed on Steenberg Road, going past the American Embassy, Steenberg golf estate, Pollsmoor Correctional facility and continued through Tokai forest. Eventually riding onto Spaanschemat River Road until the newly developed traffic circle at Ladies Mile Road, where we turned left towards Constantia Main Road. At the traffic light intersection with Constantia Main Road we turned left heading towards Constantia neck and Hout Bay.

Slowly riding up to Constantia neck, past the restaurant on the left and down into Hout Bay Main Road. Again, riding slowly as there were cars in front of us and no chance of getting the whole group past them in one go. At the first traffic circle by the police station we turned right and rode across the valley, negotiating the traffic circle at Valley Road and up to the traffic lights at the bottom of Suikerbossie Hill. Turning right towards Suikerbossie Hill, passing the restaurant turnoff on the right, over the hill and past the turnoff to Llandudno and onto Camps Bay. No overtaking anywhere along this route either as there were too many vehicles travelling in both directions.

At the intersection of Victoria Road and Camps Bay Drive we pulled up on the broad/wide sidewalk and dismounted our motorcycles and proceeded across the road to the Ocean Blue restaurant. We were seated and placed our breakfast orders and coffee orders. Coffee arrived quickly and then the breakfast arrived shortly afterwards. Having consumed our food the conversation turned to the upcoming Presidents address scheduled for that evening.

Well that Presidential address dashed all further discussion about the upcoming Buffalo Rally, and it was now to find out where one could buy masks, hand sanitizer and surgical/rubber gloves. Schools closed two days earlier than scheduled. Little driving/riding was done, only absolute essential journeys to do shopping and collecting of medication. Suddenly people discovered that they could work from home.

There were 18 members and 3 visitors. 16 bikes and 1 car.

That was 6 months ago. The lock-down has been lifted/lowered to level 2 and the committee have decided to start up the club rides.

The next ride takes place on Sunday, 20th September 2020 going to Franschhoek Station pub and grill. Departing Damelin at 08h30.

The two rides in October are as follows.

Sunday, 4th October 2020 is going to Elgin Station market. Departing Damelin at 08h00.

Sunday, 18th October 2020 is going to Ocean Blue restaurant, Camps Bay. Departing Damelin at 08h00.

Please note the departure time of the ride in September is 08h30.

The departure time of both rides in October are 08h00. Summer departure time.

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