Once again, the weather was very pleasant for riding this morning. Off to Damelin to meet up with the other members and their visitors. For some unknown reason I was running a bit late, as I arrived at Damelin just on 08h30. Greeting everybody hurriedly, it was time to brief the riders on the restaurant and the route.
Leaving Damelin we turned right onto the N2 and then took the left off ramp onto the M5, riding over Koeberg interchange onto the N1. Once everybody had caught up to the front part of the group, it was time to increase our speed up to the National speed limit.
We stayed on the N1 until the Klipheuwel /Stellenbosch, R304, off ramp and then turned right to go over the N1. We stayed on the R304 all the way into Stellenbosch. Having crossed the railway bridge as you enter Stellenbosch, we turned left onto Adam Tas Street, then turned right onto the R310, the Helshoogte road. Starting to ride up Helshoogte road at the speed limit so as not to set off the speed enforcement cameras, which take photos from behind, we continued over the pass of Helshoogte.
Negotiating the speed reducing humps through Pniel, we continued on to the T junction with the R45, where we turned right towards Franschhoek. Passing the motor museum on our right and crossing the Berg River, at the R301, we turned left towards Wemmershoek dam. Riding past Hollandse Moulen camping site and the turn off to Wemmershoek Dam, past the wine farms and golf estates. Negotiating a big traffic circle, and another +- 200 meters further on, turned right into the property of Freedom 301.
A short piece of gravel towards the farmers market building and we then turned left towards the restaurant and bar. Having parked our bikes, we entered the restaurant area, where a lot of tables had been pushed together for us.
Upon ordering our hot/cold beverages and breakfasts, each person was handed a spanner with a number attached to it. At the end of your meal, one had to take the numbered spanner to the till and then you paid for what you had ordered.
I found the service was very slow. Discussing this with the members, this seems to be the trend lately with any restaurant.
There were 16 members, 5 visitors and 18 bikes.
Thank you to all the members and their visitors for attending the ride. It is appreciated by myself and the committee.
The next ride is on Sunday, 16th May 2021, going to the Café Racer, Van Riebeek Street, Strand. Departing from the Damelin College parking area, Liesbeek Parkway, Mowbray at 08h30.

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