Another bright sunny Sunday in the so-called time of our Winter. So far, we have been very lucky to have bright clear Sundays when we have had a club ride. Hopefully this does not bring on the commentator’s curse, as they say in cricket games, and for our next ride the weather is cold and wet.

Arriving at Damelin, Lance was already there, eagerly wanting to ride as he had missed the previous ride. Soon other members arrived, and I wished all the fathers, stepfathers and adopted fathers a happy Father’s Day, then it was time to brief the riders on the route and the venue.

Leaving Damelin we turned right onto the N2 and rode slowly in the left lane waiting for those bikes that had got caught at the traffic light under the N2 bridge. Soon Luderick came riding past and I indicated to him that I knew that the last group of bikes had caught up to us. Increasing our speed and moving over into the right lane we stayed in the right lane all the way through Somerset West and the Strand.

9 traffic light intersections later, we were at the bottom of Sir Lowry`s Pass, and I had requested the riders to ride in single file over the passes.

Having negotiated Sir Lowry`s Pass, it was then riding through the fruit producing farmlands of Grabouw and Elgin.

Just after passing the Houw Hoek Hotel and as we entered the Houw Hoek Pass, I pulled over to the left and stopped the ride as I could see that our tail end Charlie, Kevin Farrow, was nowhere to be seen. Two minutes later we saw Kevin approaching us and we continued with our journey.

Once we had negotiated the sharp bends of Houw Hoek Pass, we continued past the turn off to Hermanus and then it was time to take the off ramp to Bot River. Stopping at the stop sign at the T junction, to make sure all the riders were there, we turned left into the Main Road of Bot River and proceeded slowly to the hotel.

Having parked our bikes, I looked onto the forecourt of the hotel and saw Bill and Barbara Cox sitting there having breakfast. They had just ridden through from Villiersdorp to join us. They were leaving early as they had family arriving for Father’s Day lunch.

Seating ourselves down we ordered hot drinks and our breakfasts. On their menu they have a breakfast called Bot River farmers breakfast and Bot River bikers farmers’ breakfast. I cannot remember the exact name, but the second breakfast comes with a glass of sherry. I had ordered this breakfast and when I got my glass of sherry, the other four members who were sitting at my table, they know who they were, also ordered a glass of sherry. What happens in Bot River, stays in Bot River.

Having enjoyed our breakfasts and good company and paid our respective bills, it was time to depart and make our way to our Father’s Day appointments.

Thank you to all the members and visitors for attending the ride. It is really appreciated by me and the Committee.

The next ride is scheduled for the 18th of July, depending on the lockdown level. The chairman will send out a WhatsApp message on Wednesday, 14th of July, as to whether the ride will take place and the venue or not.

There were 12 members, 1 visitor and 10 bikes.



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