Upon waking up on this Sunday morning the sky was covered with thick misty clouds. I thought that the sun would burn them away by about 11h00. But we would ride anyway as there was no rain predicted. Needless to say the mist only cleared late in the afternoon.
Off to Damelin arriving just after 08h00, as we were now only departing at our winter starting time of 08h30. An empty parking area, so I thought with a very long weekend who would be on the ride for those who had not gone away.
Soon the members started to arrive with their visitors, and it was time to greet the riders and congratulate Bryony Herman on her first official ride with the club on her BMW 650cc Dakar. The previous ride Bryony went by car as she had their 2 daughters with her.
We also had 2 visitors from Uis in Namibia, namely, Jurgen and Jeanette Hennes on their individual bikes. Yes, you guessed it right. They were BMW`s.
Helmets on, gloves on and the motorcycles started up and off we set. Turning left out of the parking area of Damelin, then left onto the N2 and another left turn onto the M3, staying in the left lane riding slowly past the University and the forest station. Approaching the intersection of Newlands Avenue and Rhodes Drive, I slowed the ride down to 60 km so as not to set off the speed camera.
We continued straight down Paradise road, taking the slip road to Claremont, and negotiating the traffic circle left into Protea road. We stayed on Protea road, all the way to the Main road, crossing the Main road and over the railway bridge, which is now Campground road. Proceeding past the Newlands cricket stadium on our left. At the intersection of Campground road and Palmyra road we turned left towards Rondebosch.
WE stayed on Campground road until it becomes Liesbeek Parkway at Belmont road. Crossing over and down to the next intersection of Alma road. At this intersection we turned left and immediately right into the service road of Liesbeek parkway past the SABS building and then another left and right turning into the Starke Ayres Garden Centre. Parking our bikes against the fence on the road side, we entered the Garden Centre and having to walk through the nursery to get to the restaurant. Having sanitised our hands and signed in, we were seated at 2 long tables outside under a pergola.
Hot drinks were ordered and then we ordered our breakfasts. These orders arrived quite quickly and the tables went quiet as everybody started to enjoy their meal.
With our meals finished, it was time to sort out the bill and then everybody left to go to their other engagements.
Thank you to the members and their visitors for attending the ride on a very long weekend.
There were 11 bikes. 7 members and 5 visitors.

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