The second ride of the New Year. The older we get, the quicker the time and the days seem to pass us by. Once again up early to get ready to lead the club ride to our breakfast venue.

Upon arrival at Damelin, I spotted a couple of new faces on our rides. Not new to me as I worked with the one person and the other person is a fellow Harley Davidson rider. Well needless to say both us got ragged about riding Harley Davidsons. Fortunately, both of us have got broad shoulders. Soon more members and visitors arrived and at 08h00 I briefed the riders on the venue and the route.

Shortly after 08h00 we set off, turning right onto the N2 and riding slowly so the back markers could catch up, after being stopped at the traffic light under the N2 bridge. Before we had gone past the Pinelands turn off, the back markers had joined us.

We tried to stay in the right lane, but unfortunately there was a “yip” you guessed correctly, a minibus taxi, who had managed to work his way up behind the third bike from the front, so I moved the ride into the middle lane. Not that he went flying past. He eventually disappeared. But then we had another two cars also hassle us. A white BMW who eventually took the off ramp to Macassar by cutting across from the right lane, across the left lane and across the painted island. Out of sight, out of mind. The third car, a Purple Opel Corsa disappeared in the traffic at Somerset West. Also, out of sight, out of mind.

We continued along the N2 through Somerset West/Strand area, having to stop at the majority of the 8 traffic light intersections. At the eighth traffic light intersection, we had to wait for the right turn green filter arrow to allow us to turn onto Gordons Bay road. Once that was done, all the bikes got through, we continued right to the end of Gordons Bay road and turned left into the R44, Clarence Drive. Having to ride at a respectable speed due to other traffic on the road and it is not that far out of Gordons Bay before one must turn off to the right to enter the venue’s parking area.

Upon entering the venues parking area, most of the bikes found parking in their bike parking area, except for Harold Mead, Luderick and myself. We just parked on the compacted gravel section next to the road.

Off came the helmets, on went the masks, upon entering the restaurant we all sanitized our hands and took our own temperatures at the fancy machine bolted to the wall. There were two long tables reserved for us, then Bill and Barbara Cox joined us from Villiersdorp, so six of us ended up sitting at another long table. Hot and cold drinks and our breakfasts were ordered. I was going round with the ride register to make sure the visitors wrote their names in the correct column. Only two of them wrote their names in the column for members. Not too bad for 21 people.

I must compliment the restaurant and the staff on their efficient service. It was quick and correct and very friendly. Particularly the one waitress, who took over the handling of the payment of the bill. Hats off to her.

There were 14 members, 7 visitors and 17 bikes. Thank you to all the members who arrive for the rides and for bringing visitors along. It is really appreciated. Not only by me, but also by the other committee members and some of the older members. It always nice to see new fresh faces on the rides.

The next ride will be on the Sunday, 7th February 2021. This is going to be quite a long ride. We are going to the Orchard Farmstall at the entrance to Grabouw.

The second ride for February is on Sunday 21st February 2021. The venue for this ride is the Saggy Stone Brewing Co. on the R304, Stellenbosch.

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