Today’s venue is one of the club’s favourite restaurants. Meet and greet in Mowbray, then at 08h00 it was time to brief the riders on the venue and the route. Shortly after 08h00 we departed, turning left onto the N2 and proceeding towards Hospital bend, where we turned left onto the M3, riding past the University, Newlands forest picnic area and Newlands Parks and Forest Depot, all situated on the right side [mountain side] of the M3.

At the traffic lights on the M3 at Newlands Avenue and Rhodes Drive we turned right towards Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. Riding sedately past the Gardens, appreciating the natural beauty of the Western Cape and in particular the Cape Peninsula. At the T junction after the Gardens, we turned right and proceeded up the hill to go past the top gate of Kirstenbosch Gardens and continued through the twisty bends to arrive at the top at Constantia Neck. Negotiating the traffic circle and proceeding down Hout Bay Main Road until we got to the turn off to cross the river. It used to be called the Disa River, now I see it is called the Hout Bay River.

Up to the 4 way stop street, we turned left and proceeded along Valley road, riding slowly as there are something like 4 stop street intersections and just as many speed reducing bumps in the roadway. At the bottom of Valley road at the traffic circle we turned right to proceed towards Victoria road. At that intersection we turned right again to ride up Suikerbossie Hill. The demise of many unfit cyclists partaking in the Cape Town Cycle Tour in the month of March each year.

Once over the top of Suikerbossie Hill, it was a leisurely cruise down into Camps Bay, where we pulled up onto the side-walk [seaside] and parked our bikes right against the edge of the side-walk, so as not to inconvenience any pedestrians. That paved side-walk must be about 5 meters wide.

Then it was having to cross Victoria road and enter the restaurant, where we were welcomed with open arms and friendly, smiling faces. Masks on of course, hands sanitized, we all found places to sit, doing the social distancing bit.

Drinks were soon ordered, then the conversations started up, then it was time to order our breakfast. Once the orders were taken, it was not long before the food started to arrive at our tables. Everyone having eaten and paid for their breakfast it was time to leave for other priorities/engagements and residences.

It started off as a cool ride, but as the day progressed it started to get warmer, so it was time to get home and change into cooler clothing.

There were 16 members, 4 visitors, 12 bikes and 2 cars.

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