Waking up early this Sunday morning, the weather was overcast, with dark clouds in the sky out towards Gordon’s Bay. So put the rain suit in the pannier box, hopefully to deter the rain.

Arriving at Damelin again to an empty parking area. I did not have long to wait, when the dedicated and loyal members and visitors started arriving.

At 08h00 my cell phone rang and it was the restaurant wanting to know how many would be arriving for breakfast. They saved me making that phone call. Now that is excellent service for you. A quick head count and then it was time to brief the riders on the restaurant and the route. Also to introduce the visitors and inform everybody about riding in staggered formation and to ride in single file over the passes.

Leaving Damelin, we turned right onto the N2 and proceeded slowly in the left lane along the N2, waiting for the bikes that got caught at the traffic lights under the bridge. By the time we were going past the old power station on our left, all the bikes had caught up to us. So we then moved into the right lane all the way to Somerset West.

Working our way through all 9 traffic light intersections going through Somerset West/Strand area. So much for putting in my rain gear to deter the rain. It started to rain at the bottom of Sir Lowry’s pass. Not hard blowing rain, but continuous rain that one would have to raise the sun visor in one’s helmet, so as to be able to see the road.

Up and over Sir Lowry’s Pass, past the 2 entrances to Grabouw and onto Houwhoek Pass. Still raining, here the group got split up for whatever reason. So, it was slow over Houwhoek Pass.

At the bottom of Houwhoek Pass, the bikes were all together again and we took the off ramp to Hermanus. We continued along the Hermanus road, riding through Fisherhaven and Hawston.

At the Hemel and Aarde Valley road, we turned left and proceeded along this road for 5 kilometres to arrive at our destination. This road is narrow and lined with trees. An unfamiliar road, so it was full concentration as to the possible hazards that might occur. Fortunately everything went smoothly. The Hemel and Aarde Valley road is now tarred all the way to Caledon.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were met by a former Nomad’s member, namely, Peter Schumer and his wife, Joy. The restaurant had set 2 long tables for us. Everybody found a seat and then it was ordering hot refreshments. The breakfast was a buffet set up. One just had to say how you wanted your eggs done. Bacon, eggs [all double yoked], beef and pork sausage, mushrooms, potato wedges, tomato and toast and freshly baked bread and jam. I did not hear anyone complaining about not having enough to eat. A very filling breakfast indeed.

Everyone having eaten their food, it came time to pay the bill and I must thank John van der Spuy for handling that side of business. He collected the money, with the necessary tip and handed out change when it was required. A BIG thank you John.

There were 11 members, 6 visitors, 11 bikes and 2 cars.

Thank you to the members and their visitors for attending the ride and supporting the club. It is really appreciated by myself and the committee.

The next ride is a short ride, this coming Sunday, 21st March, 2021.  It is going to the Village Hub Restaurant in Scarborough. Leaving Damelin parking area, Liesbeek Parkway, Mowbray at 08h00.

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