Waking up on this Sunday morning and looking out the window the sky was overcast and threatening to rain. At 07h15 it did rain quite heavily in the Goodwood area, so on with the rain suit pants only, as my riding jacket is water resistant and I set off to Damelin. Needless to say by the time I was going past Century City, the rain had abated and it was not necessary to even consider putting on the rain jacket.
Arriving at Damelin to an empty parking area, I thought the fair weather riders would not turn up for the ride. Soon the dedicated and loyal riders started to arrive.
At 08h00 I briefed the riders on the restaurant and the route, then it was helmets and gloves on and start up our bikes and off we went.
Turning right from Liesbeek Parkway onto the N2, we moved over to the right lane as soon as it was safe to do so. We stayed in the right lane until just before the R310, Baden Powell drive, off ramp, taking the off ramp and turning left towards Stellenbosch.
We continued along the R310, riding past Spier wine estate, over the railway bridge, up to the T junction at the Stellenbosch arterial highway. There we turned right, and rode past the wood factory on the left, past Distell [old Stellenbosch Farmers Winery] on the right.
We continued along this road, going past Stellenbosch Railway Station, until the intersection with Bird Street and turned left to go over another railway bridge and onto the R304 to exit Stellenbosch.
We continued along the R304, until about 3 to 4 kilometres before the N1, we slowed down to turn left into the property of the Saggy Stone Brewing Company. 20 metres further we turned right into the parking area and parked our bikes on the very firm grass.
We found seating outside under the gazebo type roofing and started to order our hot drinks and breakfasts. Harold, Mads and Heather arrived a little bit later by car. Mike and Sue arrived very much later, as they relied on their GPS, once they had turned onto the R304 from the N1. Needless to say the GPS put them in the middle of Stellenbosch. After I had explained to Sue the previous day the directions from the N1.
Having had a good breakfast and general chat, it was time to settle the bill. My big thanks to Harold for sorting out the bill as to who had what and what the amount with a tip came to.
There were 11 members, 4 visitors, 8 bikes and 2 cars.
Thank you to all the members and visitors for attending the ride and supporting the club.

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