A cool cloudy day greeted us for our lunch ride to Bot River. Arriving at Damelin to await the other riders to see who were interested in a later start on a Sunday morning. Soon riders started to arrive and at 10h30 I briefed the riders on the venue and the route.
Helmets and gloves on and bikes started up, off we set. Turning right from Liesbeek parkway onto the N2, {Settlers Way}. Once the back markers had caught up to the front of the group, we set off at a steady pace moving into the right lane. We stayed in the right lane, until Harold Mead moved up next to me and indicated that he needed to fill up with fuel at the Engen 1 Stop on the N2. He rode ahead and pulled into the petrol service station. I followed him and we all waited for Harold to fill his bike with fuel.
Once that was completed, we all set off again and continued our journey on the N2 riding through Somerset West /Strand area and up to the last set of traffic lights at the turn off to Gordons Bay.
Then it was into Sir Lowry’s Pass negotiating the corners and avoiding the vehicles on the pass. Down the other side, passing the 2 turn offs to Grabouw and into Houwhoek pass with its tight hairpin bends. All to soon the pass came to an end and we then had to slow down to take the turn-off to Bot River. At the T junction we turned left towards Bot River and rode slowly into the town, past the Bot River Hotel and then turned left into the Shunting Shed property and parked our bikes up against the railway platform.
Upon entering the restaurant/old railway coach, we found Warren, Bryony and family and Glen and his partner and Glen’s mom, Helewese already seated awaiting our arrival.
Beverages were ordered and soon lunch orders were placed, and the conversation started to pick up and get quite jovial. Then the lunch orders arrived and the conversation and everybody got stuck into their meals, A very relaxed atmosphere, so much so that I don’t think anybody wanted to go home.
Then one of the KTM riders [not a member] decided to do a wheelie past the restaurant and collided with a Toyota Fortuner parked on the side of the road.

Enough said about that incident.
Having paid for our meals, we all started to slowly exit the restaurant and head for our respective homes.
There were 20 members, 8 visitors, 15 bikes and 2 cars.
A well supported ride, which the committee and I wish to thank the members and visitors for attending.

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