This being a lunch ride, as the Moto GP was only happening in the evening in Argentina at 8.00 pm. We departed from Damelin at 10h30. Turning right onto the N2 and staying on the N2 until the start of Sir Lowry`s Pass, where we were going to turn right towards Gordon`s Bay. Once the traffic lights and the traffic ahead of us allowed us to turn right. After about 5 minutes we were able to turn right.

Approaching the T junction in Gordons Bay, where one turns left onto Clarence Drive, there was a large inter-link truck/trailer conveying huge equipment crossing that intersection ahead of us. Needless to say, we were unable to get past this vehicle, due to blind corners, solid white lines and oncoming traffic.

Fortunately, just after we crossed the bridge over the Steenbras River mouth the road opens up into a double carriageway and most of us were able to get past the truck/trailer.

After a couple of kilometres, I stopped the ride at an embayment, to allow the last couple of riders to catch up. Once we were all together, we continued with the ride. Going past/through Rooiels, Betty`s Bay and Kleinmond. Adhering to the respective speed limits.

At the end of the Kleinmond road we turned right towards Onrus/Hermanus. Riding through Fisherhaven and Hawston. Entering Onrus we turned right at the first intersection and immediately left and left again into the parking area of the small shopping complex. We parked our bikes at the bottom of the downward sloping parking area and then walked up the slope into the restaurant. We had arrived at 12h30. I chose to go via the coastal route because of the roadworks on Sir Lowry`s pass, being reduced to a single lane.

This is when the delay started in the restaurant. We were seated in the one corner and menus were handed out. Many, many minutes later the young waitress came to take our drinks orders. The conversations continued and many more minutes our drinks orders started to in arrive in dribs and drabs. Then it was time to order our food. More delays in the arrival of our food and getting the orders wrong. After more than two hours of waiting for some of us we got our food. Two of our members eventually had their food in a takeaway parcel and left the restaurant.

Another member had ordered a toasted sandwich for his son and after waiting an hour for it to arrive, went to complain about the delay and was told that they were busy with a takeaway and that he would have to wait.

I did phone the owner of the restaurant, she owns the one in Hermanus as well, and complained bitterly about the service and long delays on the virtual non arrival of our food. Needless to say, she was defending her staff. I did mention to her that we would NEVER, EVER be going to her restaurant again.

There were 13 members, 4 visitors and 12 bikes.

Thank you to all the members and visitors who attended the ride. It is appreciated by the Committee.


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